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Areas of Concentration

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Students engage in a work experience in a field of interest and receive direct professional development and coaching from someone in that field. Students also develop appropriate practices to thrive in any organizational culture while contributing to the overall goals of the organization through problem solving and interpreting/implementing policy with a range of constituents.

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Students engage in experiential learning by participating in a meaningful exchange with community partners that provides a deeper understanding of topics covered in a class, seminar or personal interests. In so doing, the student may be motivated to become an active participant in their communities, critically reflecting on societal challenges and advocating for the protection of equal access to liberties, rights and opportunities.

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Students participate in sustainability-related research and internships that offer hands-on learning experiences that advance the overall mission of greater social, economic and environmental sustainability in the campus community.

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Students participate in structured experiences that causes them to explore life experiences and world views that differ from their own. This can be through the lens of a study abroad program or programs that spur intentional, sustained dialogue around often complex differences.

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Students work collaboratively with each other to produce work which encourages problem solving in a group and fortifies individual knowledge through the consideration of another’s point of view. This can happen many ways ranging from group work in courses to leadership work in engagement.

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Students become involved in systemic investigation and research. Students derive more meaning out of their work because they work to answer the most pressing questions facing their disciplines with access to the latest technology and system used by professionals in their field.