UIC Impact is the University of Illinois at Chicago’s commitment that all students will have the opportunity to apply their learning to real world challenges through high impact engagement.


Host a UIC Impact Engagement Experience!

To be considered a UIC Impact engagement opportunity, programs at minimum must:

  • Identify a least one of the listed Areas of Concentration
  • Require a commitment of at least 50 hours of engagement from participants
  • Include a reflective component that helps participants make meaning of the experience (Reflections must feature complex synthesis of information and connections of the engagement experience to career goals, future plans, or societal impact.)

UIC Impact Engagement Opportunities include: Service Learning Courses, Capstone Classes or Projects, Classes requiring thesis, Any sustained research project with deep involvement from students, Serving as a leader in a student organization or student-run project/long-term event, Study Abroad, Classes coupled with a ‘learning abroad’ component, Internships, Student Employment

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